Gap Selling


Hey, salespeople, you guys rock! You are the extreme athletes of the business world. You only get paid if you deliver. You put anywhere from 40% to 100% of your salary on the line in commissions. There are no guarantees, and you shrug off the idea there should be. You suffer rejection and get pummeled with No’s at the hands of rude, terse, and overwhelmed buyers. You spend weeks, months, and years working a deal only to lose it to the competition over a few dollars or an insignificant feature. You’re constantly shadowed by overzealous managers pounding you about quota and the next deal. The life of a salesperson is tough, and yet you come back every day, ready to grind it out, looking to make your buyers’ and customers’ lives better.

It’s because of my love for you that I created Gap Selling and wrote this book. Gap Selling is about making your life easier. It’s about helping you understand that selling isn’t as hard as we’ve been led to believe. Selling shouldn’t be fraught with countless lost deals, fruitless price negotiations, prospects going dark, people ignoring your emails, and unpredictable sales pipelines. It’s only like that when you’re doing it wrong. When you’re doing it right, selling is fluid, predictable, and efficient. This book is about helping you get there.

Gap Selling is going to take you on a ride, and for some of you it will be an uncomfortable one. It’s going to challenge many of your entrenched beliefs and approaches to selling. It’s in direct conflict with what we’ve been taught to believe for years, like:

Relationships really don’t matter
People really do buy from people they don’t like
There is no such thing as “closing”
You should never defend your product or price
No one gives a shit about you or your product and service
Pitching is not selling
Selling to a customer’s need is wrong
and more


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