Generate more referals without feeling sleazy

If You’re Reading This . . .

I bet I already know several things about you . . .

1. You are in business of some kind. In fact, you may be:

• the principal or partner in a professional service firm (e.g. JD, CPA, CFP, DVM, AIA, CFP, etc.), or you’re

• the owner of a company who feels a ‘personal responsibility’ to generate the growth you want for your business

• an associate in either of the above who recognizes that becoming a ‘rainmaker’ . . . is a key to your career success 2. You’re doing OK financially but, deep down, you know you could (and, should!) be doing a heck of a lot better than you are 3. You’re probably operating in a fairly competitive and overcrowded marketplace 4. Your ‘Best’ clients . . . come from REFERRALS . . . which you receive from Raving Fans . . . people who know, love and trust you 5. As good as referrals are for your ‘bottom line’, you may not be getting as many as you’d like . . . or, as regularly as you’d prefer 6. While you know that referrals are highly desirable . . . you also find it difficult to ask people — even your clients — for referrals 7. When you do ask for referrals . . . assuming, you do (because most advisors don’t) . . . you’re not as effective as you’d like 8. Prospects for the problem-solving expertise, services and programs you offer will likely want the benefits you offer, repeatedly over time 9. A client’s Lifetime Value (LTV) — i.e. “The total amount of money they will spend on your kind of product or service” adds up, I’m pretty certain, to a significant amount of money . . . over time 10. Not having enough referrals means you may be working harder than you like, for less than you deserve and longer than you want 11. You’re aware of this . . . you’re not thrilled about it, and . . . you’re open to finding a better way to generate referrals for your business 12. You’re attracted by the suggestion that you really can grow referrals (and, revenues) bette


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