Tested advertising methods

When I was asked to prepare a new edition of John Caples’ Tested
Advertising Methods, I did what I am certain he would have done. I
read the book before giving an answer. It was an eye-opener. Here
was the only copywriter who deserves to be called a genius and
judging by his book, I knew everything he did!
It took very little time for the euphoria to subside and the truth to sink
in. Of course I knew everything he’d put into his book. He had taught
it to me. He had shared his hard-won insights with all those who were
willing to learn from him and it was from their books and articles,
seminars and conversations, I had learned during the past 35 years. I
had finally discovered where so much of my own success as a
copywriter had originated. I owe him my long belated thanks. I hope
this edition conveys them.


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