The challenger sale

IN THE UNFORGETTABLE early months of 2009, as the bottom fell
out of the global economy, business-to-business sales leaders around
the world faced an epic problem and an even deeper mystery.
Customers had vanished overnight. Commerce had ground to a
halt. Credit was scarce, and cash even scarcer. For anyone in
business, times were tough. But for heads of sales, they were an
absolute nightmare. Imagine having to get up every morning, rally
your troops, and send them into a battle they couldn’t possibly win. To
find business where none could be found. True, sales has always
been about the good fight—about winning business often in the face
of strong resistance. But this was different. It’s one thing to sell to
reluctant, even nervous customers. It’s another thing altogether to sell
to no one at all. And that’s where we were in early 2009.


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