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Droga, then 37, had made a name for himself in the ad world for
being ambitious and talented, and, perhaps as a result, fairly
consistently successful. Having come from Nowhere, Australia (he
once told Creativity magazine he grew up playing with wombats),
Droga joined the ad industry as a copywriter in 1988 and became a
creative director three years later, at age 21. From Australia he
moved to Asia, heading up Saatchi & Saatchi’s Singapore office and
then in 1999, not yet 30, jumped to what was then the very epicenter
of advertising creativity, Saatchi & Saatchi London. As the creative
heart of the ad industry migrated from London to New York, so did
he. He moved to the States in 2003 taking the global chief creative
officer job at Publicis in New York and then, in 2004 made that
ultimate leap, starting his own agency, Droga5 (the shop’s name is a
nod to his rank among six siblings; his mother sewed labels into the
young Drogas’ clothing, from Droga 1 to 6).


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