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From My Personal Collection

Private access to my ebooks ($400+ value)

Have a look at these ebooks, some are more valuable that others, but there are some golden nuggets and tips in all of them. Some of these are open source and some are copyright protected, so selling or redistributing copies is not permitted. This is a private share from me to you only.

Reading formats are .epub, PDF, .mobi and .awz. So these can be read on PC, mobile phone or kindle. If you don’t know how to use these, send me a message and I’ll let you know how depending on what format you need. 

my personal recommendations are:

The 1-Page Marketing Plan
This book is so good that it’s now being used as a curriculum in schools in Australia. Tons of actionable advice in this one.

Ninja Selling
Lot’s of great life advice about selling and sales concepts that you can use to improve your sales and business skills.

100 Million dollars offers
This one is not in my collection, only on Kindle, so couldn’t download it here. So link is to Amazon. This one also has a lot of great actionable advice.

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