Work Flow

“The sequence of steps involved in moving from the beginning to the end of a working process”

Website Creation Process

Every web site project is different, but the approach and methodology is basically the same. The steps oultined below are mostly for Business and Enterprise plans, but the basic work sequence remains the same on all projects. 


Explorating your options

Find out what kind of website you really need. What is the purpose of the site, what functionality are you looking for? What is your target Audience? Fill out the quote form to help us understand your needs.




Wire framing and architecture

Choose a layout for the website and where to place visual, functional and interactive elements. Plan cascade of content for all devices. Create content architecture.

Create & Design

Choosing Look and Feel

Choose fonts typography , color palette, images, photos. Design logo, custom iconography and all graphics. Take photo shoot, write content




Site Building

Development and staging website installation and configuration. Custom and/or default functionality development, scripts integration, form building, custom CSS,  site building.

Test & Deploy

Plublish your site online

Test website on local environment. Publish website online. Vefiry site functionality.


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