Repair & Maintenance

Maintain your website for peak performance & securityRepair, upgrade or optimize your existing website. 

Website Repair Services

Web Site Repair

Fix or improve your existing website

Numerous websites are riddled with errors, security vulnerabilities and have room for improvements. This could be contact forms that don’t work, websites that don’t display on mobile devices, slow websites and a multitude of other issues. Let us provide you with a free inspection report on your website’s health with authoritative tools like Google Speed Test, Google Search Mobile Test, https test or web audit. 

  • Defective contact forms and communications issues
  • Expired SSL certificates
  • Defective calculators and dynamic user feedback widgets
  • Various website errors (503, 404, 403, 401,400 & more)
  • Mobile responsive display issues

Website Migration

Relocate Your Digital Assets

Move or migrate your existing website. Transfer selected content, data or whole framework from server A to B. This can apply to a multitude of cases, but here are the most common scenarios:

  • Move from web host to web host  (ex. AWS >> Google Cloud)
  • Move from different software platform (ex. WordPress >> Drupal)
  • Move from different architecture (ex. Static >> Dynamic)
  • Upgrade software platform version (ex. Drupal 7 >> Drupal 9)
  • Transfer from localhost to server

Web Site Optimization

Improve conversion & user interaction

When the visitor gets to your website, you want them to take a specific action. This could be making a purchase, booking an appointment, making a reservation or any other action that will result in a positive gain for your business. This metric is called the conversion ratio. It’s the ratio of visitors that  complete a desired action versus those who don’t when they visit your website. So say your site gets 100 visitors, and 5 of them complete the order, your conversion ratio is %5. We try to increase that conversion to make sure that more of your visitors complete the conversion process.

  • Increase wesite page load speed
  • Improve sales through professional copywriting
  • Targeted landing pages
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