Development Web | Mobile | Software

Websites, mobile apps and office automation development.

Web Development
Your CMS doesn’t have the functionality you desire? We can build custom modules according to your specifications.

Data Entry/Populating
You have an commerce site that needs products to be updated? Need to export complex databases to your web property? Need to convert print documents to digital format? Once the data is in digital form, we can populate your application with thousands of entries either via custom script or manually. We also offer offline data entry services for MS Office (excell) Open Office and various other office applications.

Productivity Macro Automation
Get your office to run more smoothly and get your staff and systems to be more productive. Let us streamline your operations saving you time & money to make your business more competitive in today’s markets.

Point Of Sales Solution
Get your restaurant or bar fully automated with a point of sales system. Choose our open source solution and save on specialized equipment. Simply use computer and mobile app to fully automate your food and beverage ordering system.

Company Intranet
Use leading content management systems to run your business offline AND online in the cloud simultaneously. Benefits of this tandem solution is ability to run your business offline thus increasing time savings because of lack of downtime.

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