Seniors Part Time Work

Part Time Opportunity For Retirees & Seniors

First thing I have to say, this is not a standard part time job offer as mentioned in my Google ad. But it’s a way to generate extra income for your retirement with very little effort and no absolutely no risk.

About Me

I’m a Canadian professional web designer with 17 years experience (nearly a senior myself at 54 years old!) and I’m trying to drum up business locally in various locations in the USA and Canada. I now live in Thailand (digital nomad) so not easy to book work in the west. For this reason I need people to act as agents to help me do some bricks and mortar marketing. 

My Idea (Simple but effective)

The idea is for you to print out my flyers and business cards, and hand them out or place them on counter tops of local businesses, venues and other physical locations that will allow it. When a job books you get paid. I have a system to track phone numbers and email on printed materials to track the sale to you. The printing material can be found here. Another option is for you to post on local sites for me like Craigslist, AngiesList and so on.

What’s In It For you?

Average commissions of %20 are $400 (commissions list over here)  on standard business websites but can be more or less depending on project size. This could be a nice little side gig monthly cashflow on top or your retirement income.

How To Set This Up?

If this proposition sounds interesting to you, please contact me and we can set up a meeting and I can go over the details and answer any questions you may have. 

Thank you for taking the to read this ad, please let me know either way if this idea makes sense? I’m just a small business, and all feedback would be appreciated, I’m also open to suggestions and criticism!

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