Welcome To My Favorite Ebooks Page

My dad used to say don’t read book, read good books

My main evaluation criteria are:

  • Author has no ulterior motives (as in try to sell you a course)
  • Book is enjoyable and professionally written (it flows and keeps you interested)
  • Book isn’t full of “filler” text (Author must publish X pages so ads superfluous and repetitive information)
  • Book contains actionable advice (not just pie in the sky theoretical concepts)

With so much crap out there, I find it really hard to find books that are worth my time

Why am I doing this?

My objective is to make connections and create relationships. I’m a web designer and and damn good one, but things are hyper competitive these days, especially with the advent of AI (artificial intelligence) so the larger network I have the better. And this applies to you too. Having a strong network is a great way to avoid becoming extinct…especially in the service industry.

What do I ask from you?

Simply think of me if you know anybody who needs a tech help or a web designer. I would also like your permission to send you 4 mails per year. Just a kind of “reminder” that I exist. The emails will also include some value in the form of tips or extra free e-books.

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